Project Type: Interior Installation
Year: 2010-2011
Size: 2’-8”W x 6’-8”L x 6’ H
Material: Cast cement panels


Architects: Maxi Spina, Principal in charge
Collaborators: Chris Parsell, Luis Barcena, Damiana Zinn, Emmanuel Zandoval, Jeff Lenox, Matt Nguyen, Vahe Haroutounian, Jesus Urciaga.
Photography: Lawrence Anderson


 “Mockups” Group exhibition, WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles, March 2011
BIO Magazine #330, 2011


Repeat is a project that investigates the design and prefabrication of elements for a Façade and Brisolei system. Repeat explores the theme of extreme modular recursion and the cultivation of interstitial spaces; it utilizes one single saddle-shaped module with a rectilinear boundary. The Project’s composition explores the concept of local rhythm breaking through recurrent symmetry within the confines of a precise spatial matrix. Such ordering system instantiates (and partially overlaps) six-sided modules, each of which comprises in their turn, six saddle surfaces. While several of the modules follow typical elastic parametric ordering rules of non-linear scalar increments, a few others ‘flip’ their orientation along one of the three axes. This misbehavior of some parts occurs at a less frequent rate than the normal pace of instantiation marked by the exhibition of the obedient parts. This induced glitch produces a slippery formalism; a break from routines that creates an order of its own. Repeat employs light-weight cement panels cast in two-part molds, which were manufactured through a process of CNC milling and vacuum formed plastic.