Project Type: Single-Family House
Location: Rosario, Argentina
Status: Under Construction, 20013-2015
Client: Private
Gross Floor Area: 2,150 Sq. Ft



Architects: MSA; Maxi Spina, Principal in charge


Piaggio House

Piaggio House is a restoration and addition to an existing, mid-seventies, one-story house situated in the outskirts of the city of Rosario, Argentina. The project consists of a large lofty space in the ground floor, which includes Living and Dining rooms, as well as kitchen with breakfast area; the second floor includes a front-facing master bedroom, a second bedroom and an ample study room, both overlooking the backyard. Given Rosario sub-tropical climate, the house includes generous semi-covered threshold spaces, such as the front Carport and the rear loggia. These, together with recess fenestration, help produce an effective natural cooling system.

Piaggio House proposes a robust mass strategy, punctured by staggered, orthogonal, recessed windows, creating and alternating checkerboard pattern of solids and voids.  In the front, this north-oriented modular array of checkered openings visually doubles the two-story configuration of the house into four virtual levels. This staggering layout of openings continues in the rear façade, accommodating the study room adjacent to the second bedroom.

 The massing of the house breaks its orthogonal profile at the front, chamfering downwards to articulate the double-height space of the stairwell. A transition from volume to surface articulates the diagonal connection between the mass of the house and the carport canopy, which hovers above the front fence. This transition alongside the regimented cascading openings, enable the weighty appearance of the house to lessen its scale toward the outdoor entry spaces and the street.