Project Type:  Multi-Family Housing
Location: 2406 Jujuy St, Rosario, Argentina
Status:  Completed, 2008 - 2012
Client/Owner: D.R.S. Construcciones S.A.
Site Area: 2,364 Sq. ft.
Gross Floor Area:  13,500 Sq. ft
Building Footprint:  1,905 Sq. ft
Height:  93’-4”


Architect: MSA + PATTERNS; Principals in charge: Maxi Spina, Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich.
Team Members: Rick Michod, Nathaniel Moore, Giuliana Haro, Daniele Profeta, and Mike Wang.
Structural Engineer:  Jose Orengo Ingenieros
General Contractor: D.R.S. Construcciones S.A.
Furniture: Nosten  and Forcén Design
Photography: Gustavo Frittegotto

Jujuy Redux

Jujuy Redux is a mid-rise apartment building located in Rosario, Argentina. Adjacent to both the historic downtown and the Paraná Riverfront, it enjoys generous street sizes, large amounts of vegetation and a low urban density of cultural heritage, making it the ideal environment for young families and students. Occupying a corner lot, the building consists of thirteen small, shared-floor apartments and a Duplex, with parking on ground level and a common terrace on the rooftop.

Jujuy Redux participates in the transformation of contemporary urban housing by proposing a subtle delineated mass, allowing the social space par excellence of each apartment to visually connect with the pedestrian activity in the street below. Diagonally oriented towards the corner, Jujuy Redux’s hyperbolic balconies are the most innovative feature of the project. Sheltering a geometrically inflected outdoor space that changes from intimate to exposed, the balconies distort the horizontal stability of the built mass both physically and visually.

Utilizing both local craftsmanship and cast-in-place concrete, the building’s pliant shell is perforated with triangular openings, creating a passive system that controls sunlight and reduces heat gain. At ground level, concrete cross braces receive the diagonal deviations produced by the balconies, creating a double-height urban corner free of columns. Those deviations intensify at the Roof level, where the building tapers to accommodate a set of mechanical spaces, a corner duplex, a common terrace with a solarium and semi-covered areas for barbecuing- all of them enjoying attractive views of downtown and the riverfront.