Project Type: Object
Year: 2014
Dimensions:: King: 2,5”H; Queen, 2,2”H;, Bishop 2,15”H; Knight 2,0”H; Rook 1,6”H; Pawn 1,5”H.


Architects: MSA; Maxi Spina, Principal in charge; Jia Gu, Collaborator.
Photography: Jaitip Srisomburananont, JAI & JAI     


“Chess” Group Exhibition, Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, Mar-Apr ‘14.
“S,M,L,XLA” group exhibition, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, Jun-Aug ’14

In Turn

‘In Turn’ is a design for a chess set; it starts with the archetypal imagery present in the Staunton Chess pieces. ‘In Turn’ aims to distance the notion of profile from that of a figure. Turning pieces on a lathe has traditionally been the mode of material –and geometrical- production of most chess sets. The project speculates on this idea through the notion of partial turns, involving the three spatial axes. This results in a more complicated composition of ‘partial revolutions’, in which profiles acquire a thematic quality. Profiles manifest in one of two ways: as the lines and curves indicating the contours or cross-sections of the chess pieces, and as the typical imaginary curves of geometrical unfolding. So the composition points as much to the thing drawn (the profile of each Staunton chess piece) as to the method of geometrical construction of that thing in three-dimensional space, thus allowing the shapes of the profiles to recede by times behind the manner of their manipulation. 

‘In Turn’ recreates the usual tripartite organization of the Staunton set into a more intricate composition of partial figures, as the proportions of the whole are illustrated as fractions of a turn. This manifest incompleteness allows architecturally inspired traits, such as the column or balustrade-like composition present in the Staunton set, to reveal their interiority, exposing its cavities and niches. In this way, the object and building qualities of the pieces enter into a space of continuous formal reciprocity, triggering and endless process of gigantism and miniaturization.