Project Type: Mixed-Use High-rise
Location: Accra, Ghana
Status: Concept Design, 2013
Size: 215,000 sq ft
Height: 391 ft
Client: Private


Architects: MSA; Maxi Spina, Principal in charge
Collaborators: Gevo Alyan and Elizabeth Fernandez Assistants
Master Plan Architects: MSA, OTA+, IWAMOTOSCOTT Architecture, VEEV, P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, MURMUR and KHOURY-LEVIT-FONG




ACCRA Tower is a concept for a mixed-use high-rise in the eponymous city in Ghana. The project is part of the Marina City Master Plan, an ambitious proposal which aims to create a world class Marina City that will host Ghana’s national sailing team and academy while bidding to become a stopover host city in the renowned Volvo Ocean Race. The Property is located in the heart of central Accra along the Korle Lagoon bounded by Ring Road West and Obasi-Kai Road, covering a total of approximately 980 acres.

MSA’s concept explores a mass composed of conjoined quadruples. The quadrants of the tower are organized as pinwheeling forms along a central atrium. The tower sits on a four-story plinth that contains spaces for shops and other services. The roof of the plinth provides space for a small park connecting to the Tower’s central atrium. 
ACCRA Tower explores two types of envelope strategies; the typical curtain wall system and a more distinct balcony and bay-window system. The earlier appears in the flat areas of the tower, while the latter takes place in the concave moments of the massing; this more individuated system is regimented by changing parameters that control depth and orientation, creating a myriad of view angles and vantage points towards Accra. The effect is one of a three-dimensionally pixelated envelope.